The Firm

Meyer Vandenberg is a dynamic Australian commercial firm providing legal and advisory services to Canberra and surrounds.  Our firm is recognised for providing quality service to all our clients. We undertake work for clients at a local and national level, as well as internationally.

Our History

In 2015 Meyer Vandenberg celebrated its 10th anniversary with a move to a new office space at 121 Marcus Clarke Street. The move marked a new milestone for our firm and gives us an opportunity to look back at our proud history of at least 40 years of working with the Canberra community.

Much more than 12 years of history

Meyer Vandenberg was formed on 26 April 2005 through the merger of two firms with a solid focus on the Canberra community, Meyer Clapham and Vandenberg Reid. Well known identities in the ACT legal community including Graham Meyer, Rudi Vandenberg, Ron Clapham, Uwe Boettcher, Rod MacDonald, Ross Reid, Leigh Derwin, JJ O’Neill and Jack Pappas, were all on the letterhead at some time.

Meyer Clapham had its antecedents in the 1970s and gradually grew as various partners joined throughout the 1980s. The firm began as a full service firm but gradually focussed on its areas of excellence in commercial law, property law and dispute resolution. The firm had the opportunity to engage with a number of clients as they created successful property development businesses. Meyer Clapham grew along with their clients’ businesses and gained a formidable reputation in the Canberra market. A traditional law firm in many respects, it passionately engaged with its clients and is remembered as strongly recognising the family life of its employees.

Vandenberg Reid likewise commenced in the 1970s with a group of young partners who wanted to offer a different approach to law for their clients. The firm was about getting things done for their clients and their business practices mirrored this approach. They were the first firm in Canberra to build their own premises, for which they arranged finance after exchange of contracts. Their firm car for some time was an FJ panel van, requiring considerable restoration. At one point, the car had to be retrieved from a restorer who was taking his time to get the job done, an operation involving two partners, a pocketful of cash and a preparedness to use strong means of persuasion “if required” to get the car back.

The motivation to merge was about culture and clients

By the early 2000s, both firms had reached the limits of what they could achieve through natural growth and were considering merging to further improve the range of services they could offer clients. The two managing partners of the time, Archie Tsirimokos at Vandenberg Reid and Paul Green at Meyer Clapham knew each other well and liked the idea of merging with another Canberra based firm. Contrary to many law firm mergers, coming to terms on a merger only took a few months.

Meyer Vandenberg therefore brought together two firms with a shared passion for meeting client needs in innovative ways within the Canberra market. The newly formed firm quickly found its feet as the largest independent law firm in the Canberra market, with Archie Tsirimokos at the helm since 2007. The depth of practice has enabled an industry based focus by our lawyers, allowing seamless sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst our lawyers to give practical outcomes for our clients. The firm continues its proud tradition of involvement with the Canberra community, with staff and Partners contributing financially, as volunteers and as active participants in the community we live in.

The Meyer Vandenberg of today is about working for great clients, being approachable, having fun, and being a conduit to lasting business relationships in Canberra.

MV Now

Our knowledgeable staff offer expert legal advice, with a particular focus in the areas of property, commercial and government law.  The firm’s success is based on delivering excellence and value, with clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to large scale property developers, construction entities, tertiary, banking and financial services institutions.  We work with Commonwealth and Territory government agencies, businesses, and individuals wanting to set up their first business or plan for their succession.

Our practice teams specialise in:

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