Working with Government

In November 2015 I found myself looking for a change. I was a new law graduate who had recently completed a thesis in Information Access Law, and was working as a paralegal in a boutique law firm – but I felt that my career needed a boost, and it wasn’t happening as things were.

I reached out to the team at MV, seeking their guidance, and hoping that they could provide me with an opportunity to break into the booming government sector in Canberra. Within a week of speaking with the team, they offered me a placement within a federal government department, to practice as a graduate lawyer in information access law.

Not only was this the change that I was after, but it was the breakthrough opportunity that I had hoped for – to work with federal government clients.

All up, I spent close to a year in the placement. I built on skills I had going into the role, and developed new ones; I made amazing professional connections and close friends. Every bit about this opportunity allowed me to grow into the solicitor I am today and has shaped my career in a way that I never would have imagined.