Pursuing Legal Careers Post Law Degree

‘After completing my law degree, I was searching for the right opportunity to pursue my legal career in a role where I would be able to develop my professional skills, and a secondment with a Commonwealth Government client within their Legal Services Division provided the perfect platform.’

Working as a secondee at the Department gave me a unique and rare insight into the public service and what working there involves. I was provided with excellent training and enjoyed the work. During my secondment, I developed good skills and habits, such as time management, file notes, clear communication, and exceptional client service.

The Department was a great place to work because every single day, I felt I was contributing to something greater, and I was applying my legal knowledge and skills to helping some of the most vulnerable members of society – it was a truly meaningful and humbling experience.

The best aspect of the secondment was working in a vibrant and dynamic team with colleagues who were at similar stages in their careers. I’ve made long-lasting friendships and met people who I never expected to meet otherwise.

I’m so grateful for the outstanding support and care provided to me by MV. My personal experience with MV is that they really care about your career development. I’ve found that the professional skills and legal knowledge I gained through my secondment were directly transferrable in my new role as a graduate lawyer at MV.

I would highly recommend a secondment with MV to anybody who is self-motivated and eager to learn and develop.