Alice Tay


(02) 6279 4426


  • Alice is the partner responsible for our Corporate and Commercial practice.

    With more than 20 years’ experience, Alice leads her team in developing business frameworks for her clients, ensuring that intellectual property and other legal requirements are met.

    Alice’s philosophy is that creating relationships and strong lines of communication with clients is key to providing tailored legal advice. Her ability to forge close and collaborative relationships with clients ensures that the right business solutions are always delivered.

    Alice specialises in Commercial and Corporations law, Intellectual Property and Information and Communication Technology law. She is experienced in assisting clients with every aspect of operating a business – ranging from raising capital to setting up entities, product development and protection, franchising, expansion and entering new markets.

    Alice is an independent director of the National Heart Foundation, and she chairs their Audit and Governance Sub-Committee.  Alice is the Deputy Chair of the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission.

  • Alice’s areas of expertise are:

    • Commercial law and contracting
    • Corporations law and governance
    • Information and communications technology
    • Intellectual Property

    Alice’s significant achievements with the firm include:

    • Advising the Department of Broadband on the availability of the name “NBN Co”, the registration of their trademarks and domain names. This work included obtaining the assignment of NBN Co related trademarks from NBN Tasmania and advising on potential conflicts.
    • Advising on the assignment of the intellectual property rights issues associated with the development of off-the-shelf mapping reports for purchase by third parties. This involved ensuring appropriate licences and warranties were in place with the data suppliers and potential purchasers of the reports.
    • Providing advice in relation to a technology agreement developed to enable components to be reverse engineered and changed, supported by full access to all the relevant technical documentation.
    • Developing terms and conditions and privacy policies for the Uberglobal website. An understanding and analysis of Australia’s consumer laws was required as clients for the hosted services were consumers under the new framework.
    • Advising the Australian National University in relation to government-funded collaborative research agreement. This involved examining whether the transfer of biological material to other researchers would result in the researchers becoming parties to the agreement under the grant terms.
    • Establishing intellectual property due diligence programs in relation to commercialisation activities, with particular regard to company spin outs.
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Laws University of Sydney


    • Australian Capital Territory
    • New South Wales

    Affiliations and Memberships

    • ACT Law Society
    • Independent National Heart Foundation Deputy Chair, ACT Gambling and Racing Commission Governing Board
    • General Committee of the Commonwealth Club (ACT)