From Tuesday 9th June, we will resume working from the office and it will be business as usual.

We will be able to hold meetings in the office with you, however if you prefer, we are also available via phone, email or video conferencing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our friendly reception staff, by calling Meyer Vandenberg’s reception on 02 6279 4444 and our team will ensure your call is directed to the appropriate area.

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Staff Testimonials

Pursuing Legal Careers Post Law Degree

‘After completing my law degree, I was searching for the right opportunity to pursue my legal career in a role where I would be able to develop my professional skills, and a secondment with a Commonwealth Government client within their Legal Services Division provided the perfect platform.’

Working with Government

Secondment to an in-house legal team

Legislative drafting secondment with Government

Skills, boosting my government experience and working in a collaborative team ...

Working with a University’s in-house team

Focusing on one client and resolving complex issues ...

24 month plus secondment to Government

Increasing my skills in drafting, advocacy and time management, while developing personal relationships...