Meyer Vandenberg would like to welcome all clients back to our office for business as usual, in accordance with the current health guidelines. However if you prefer, we can still conduct meetings via ZOOM or over the phone.

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We go above and beyond legal guidance, doing whatever it takes to deliver breakthrough results to every client

Our team is here to assist you with all of your personal legal issues, from Wills and estate planning to employment, tax and conveyancing.


Buying or selling a house, unit or land in the ACT or NSW

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Wills & Estate Planning

Preparing Wills, trusts, succession advice or probate

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Disputing a Will

Left out? No provision for you? Contesting a Will

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Will Executor

Advice and assistance for executors

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Power of Attorney

Appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf

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Your entitlements, unfair dismissal, code of conduct, and discrimination

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Home Building & Renovation

Project management, defects and payment issues

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Residential Tenancy Agreements

Tools for managing your own investment property

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Compulsory Aquisition

Claiming compensation when your property has been taken

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Debt Recovery

Recover your debts, get paid

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Help for creditors, debtors, joint property owners and trustees

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State & Territory Taxes

Understand your local taxes like payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty

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Federal Taxes

Considering your structure, ATO audits, debt recovery and litigation

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Litigation, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and expert determination

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Finding a workable agreement and swift resolution

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Professional Negligence

Enforce your rights against a professional that has done you wrong

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