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What is community title in the ACT?

Community title is a form of land tenure in the Australian Capital Territory, which brings separate parcels of land together in a ‘community’ of land that have a shared interest or use in common land eg roads or amenities.

Property & Construction

Good fences make good neighbours? How to resolve fencing disputes

Disputes between neighbours about the height, colour and materials used for a border fence, not to mention costs, are a frequent source of disputes between Territorians...

Property & Construction

How can you subdivide your rural or farm land in NSW?

In NSW, any plan that creates new boundaries for separate use or occupation constitutes a subdivision of the existing parcel. The purpose of a subdivision is generally so that the owner of a large parcel of land can divide the parcel into smaller lots (being separate titles) to be sold off separately.

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Janukshi appointed to Property Council of Australia ACT Divisional Council…

The industry recognition of Jan is a testament to her contribution and passion for the property sector in our region ...


New beginnings: veteran lawyer Alice Tay closes a chapter in her remarkable legal career

It is with sadness that we announce that Alice Tay, partner and head of the corporate and commercial practice, is leaving the firm and the legal profession ...


Respected commercial lawyer and ice hockey coach joins Meyer Vandenberg

Robert Starke, a respected commercial lawyer and the coach of the CBR Brave ice hockey team, has joined Meyer Vandenberg as a partner.

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