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Find the help you need right now with our team of Government Lawyers:

MV ready reckoner for commonwealth enquiries

Contracting and procurement: Archie Tsirimokos
Construction, Leasing licences and use agreements: Christine Murray
Employment and Workplace Health & Safety: John Nikolic
Intellectual Property: Archie Tsirimokos
Information and Communications Technology: Archie Tsirimokos
Privacy and Freedom of Information: Archie Tsirimokos
Debt Recovery: Alisa.Taylor
Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Alisa.Taylor
Administrative Law: Greg Brackenreg
Statutory Interpretation: Archie Tsirimokos
Commonwealth Grants and Funding: Archie Tsirimokos
Corporate Governance: Archie Tsirimokos
Secondments: Archie Tsirimokos
Non-ongoing recruitment: Archie Tsirimokos


Here are some helpful resources on Government Law:

Department of Finance’s Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines

Developing guidelines for granting activities

Resource Management Guides (RMGs) – Index

RMG-400 Approving commitments of relevant money

RMG -411 Grants, procurements and other arrangements

RMG-412 Australian Government Grants – briefing and reporting

RMG-415 Commonwealth Grants and Procurement Connected Policies

RMG-421 GrantConnect: Publishing Grants

ANAO Better Practice Guide – Implementing Better Practice Grants Administration – December 2013