Employment Law, Workplace Relations and Safety

Our Employment, Workplace Relations and Safety Team works with both individuals and employers to assist with employment and industrial relations issues.  We work closely with our clients to provide practical advice and cost effective solutions.

Employment law advice for employers
Management of an organisation’s people is crucial to its success. We help our clients to understand their employment landscape and the options available to them. While our focus is on avoiding conflict in the workplace and facilitating productive relations, our team has considerable experience in employment, industrial relations and safety disputes and litigation.  We provided employment advice to businesses, government and embassies.

Supporting Human Resources Professionals and Business owners

  • Drafting and updating employment contracts
  • Contract disputes and negotiation
  • Day to day trouble-shooting and guidance
  • Employee entitlement advice
  • Fair Work Act and Modern Awards compliance audits
  • Advising on Workplace Health and Safety obligations
  • Managing under performance
  • Drafting bespoke policies and procedures for your business  
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Strategising terminations, redundancies and summary dismissal
  • Restraints of trade and confidentiality obligations
  • Advocacy and litigation services

Industrial Advice:

  • Right of Entry disputes
  • Advocacy in industrial courts and tribunals

Enterprise Agreements

  • Assessing award coverage and industry compliance
  • Draft Enterprise Agreements
  • Assist with negotiation strategy
  • Manage Fair Work Commission approval process
  • Implementation and coverage advice

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Employment law advice for individuals

When it comes to your primary source of income, your job, we understand that getting advice about your rights needs to be quick, cost effective, comprehensive and friendly.  Our expert team of employment lawyers includes an Accredited Specialist in Employment Law. 

  • Preparing and advising on employment contracts
  • Entitlement advice and payment claims
  • Discrimination and General Protections claims 
  • Performance management
  • Code of Conduct – advice and representation
  • Dismissal, redundancy, and termination
  • Unfair dismissal - Advising and representing individuals in unfair dismissal and wrongful termination
  • Advocacy and support persons for disputes 

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What is does accredited specialist mean?

To become a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist a solicitor must have practised law full-time for at least five years and worked in their area of legal specialty for at least three years. William Ward is an Accredited Specialist in Employment and Industrial Law. To gain status as an Accredited Specialist, Will passed the Law Society’s rigorous assessments in Employment and Industrial Relations. He maintains his status as an Accredited Specialist, by renewing his certificate to practise the law and membership of the NSW Law Society, plus he regularly updates his skills and knowledge in Employment Law and Industrial Relations.  Will can advise on matters in the ACT.