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Disputes and Litigation Canberra

Meyer Vandenberg’s Lunchtime Legal Forum is a free learning forum for business clients with MV’s commercial litigation lawyers, designed to troubleshoot common business scenarios. 

Breaking up is hard to do: Coping strategies for those rare (but traumatising!) legal battles with clients or suppliers.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Disputes vs conflicts
  • What does litigation actually involve?
  • What are the alternative options rather than going to court, and how do you know which one is best?
  • Is court to be avoided at all costs, or are there times when it can be used cost-effectively to get what you need?
  • How can you give yourself the best chance of resolving a legal battle before it gets out of control?

Meet our litigation experts:

alisa taylor   greg brackenreg 520   Harry Kay

Alisa Taylor                        Greg Brackenreg               Harry Kay

Register to attend by emailing info@MVLawyers.com.au  – spaces are limited.