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Claims against engineers not barred by 10 year limitation period for 'building actions'

posted 7th August 2017

The ACT Supreme Court has now determined that limitation periods under the Building Act 2004 (ACT) do not apply to claims about design work undertaken prior to the issue of a building approval. The effect of the decision in Helkeast Pty Ltd & Anor v Ruckschloss[1] is that engineers’ (and other consultants such as architects’) liability for negligent work is potentially much longer than the builder’s liability...

Liquidators Versus Landlords: Who Wins?

posted 31st July 2017

When a tenant goes bust, there’s a big impact on the landlord. The insolvency practitioner appointed to the tenant has rights and powers under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) while the landlord has rights and powers under the lease with the tenant...

BioBanking: How to save the environment and make some money

posted 24th July 2017

This e-Brief provides an overview of the Biodiversity Banking and Offsets Scheme (BioBanking Scheme) which operates in New South Wales and gives an insight into: 1. why the BioBanking Scheme is so important for developers to understand; and 2. how landowners can generate income from an alternate source.

Loan documents are all the same right?

posted 18th July 2017

Not all lenders are transparent or scrupulous when it comes to their loan offers and the subsequent terms that they incorporate into their documentation ...

Why your bank guarantee may not be worth the paper it is written on

posted 10th July 2017

Bank guarantees are often accepted as security for leases and other contracts. However, your bank guarantee is of no value to you if you cannot claim on it...

Just been served with a creditors statutory demand?

posted 3rd July 2017

If your company owes a debt over $2,000 to a creditor, and you’ve failed to pay on time, your company might be served with a creditors statutory demand...

Impacts on the property industry of the ACT budget

posted 23rd June 2017

3 major changes signaled in the ACT Government’s budget delivered on 6 June 2017 will impact on the property industry...

Caution against serving security of payment documents via USB or cloud facilities

posted 19th June 2017

You may want to think twice before serving documents under security of payment legislation via USB sticks, or cloud storage facilities such as Dropbox ...

ACT Legal Resources

posted 14th June 2017

Meyer Vandenberg is the largest independent law firm in Canberra.  We regularly act as agents for other law firms looking to be represented in the ACT jurisdiction.

Here is a ready reckoner of legal resources for the ACT.  Please feel free to use the information as a starting point for your own research or to contact us for more detailed information.

Selling your business by 30 June? 5 Things you need to Consider

posted 13th June 2017

30 June always seems to come around sooner than you expect. If you want to sell your business and have everything wrapped up in this financial year, then you have 3 weeks left! Let us take you through 5 important considerations to ensure you’re ready for a 30 June settlement...