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Impacts on the property industry of the ACT budget

posted 23rd June 2017

3 major changes signaled in the ACT Government’s budget delivered on 6 June 2017 will impact on the property industry...

Caution against serving security of payment documents via USB or cloud facilities

posted 19th June 2017

You may want to think twice before serving documents under security of payment legislation via USB sticks, or cloud storage facilities such as Dropbox ...

ACT Legal Resources

posted 14th June 2017

Meyer Vandenberg is the largest independent law firm in Canberra.  We regularly act as agents for other law firms looking to be represented in the ACT jurisdiction.

Here is a ready reckoner of legal resources for the ACT.  Please feel free to use the information as a starting point for your own research or to contact us for more detailed information.

Selling your business by 30 June? 5 Things you need to Consider

posted 13th June 2017

30 June always seems to come around sooner than you expect. If you want to sell your business and have everything wrapped up in this financial year, then you have 3 weeks left! Let us take you through 5 important considerations to ensure you’re ready for a 30 June settlement...

Just been served with an examination summons? Here's what to do ...

posted 1st June 2017

If you’ve been involved in the affairs of an insolvent company, you may find yourself compulsorily summoned by an insolvency practitioner or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to appear in the Federal Court or a Supreme Court and be publically examined about the company ...

Are you buying or selling? The Basics of Conveyancing

posted 29th May 2017

If you’re a first home buyer or even if you’ve bought and sold properties before, you’ve probably heard of ‘conveyancing’ but have never fully understood what it entails. Conveyancing is the term used for the legal and statutory processes required to effect the transfer of ownership of land, and any improvements on that land, from one owner to another. In NSW and the ACT, the conveyancing process typically consists of three stages: exchange of contracts, completion or settlement, and post completion or settlement ...

Federal Budget 17/18: Two major changes for the property industry

posted 23rd May 2017

The Federal Budget delivered on 9 May 2017 revealed some significant changes for the property industry...

Will the failing security of payment scheme ever get "fixed"?

posted 15th May 2017

The Federal Government has announced plans for a review of the security of payment laws in the building and construction industry. The review stems from a concern on the government’s behalf over the significant differences in security of payment frameworks across Australia, and the impacts of these differences on the level of protection afforded to subcontractors ...

Change of Trustee on Title in the ACT

posted 8th May 2017

Property in the ACT, especially commercial property, is often held by a company as trustee for a trust. This can be for many reasons, two of which are asset protection and to manage how income from the property is distributed...

My customer owes me a debt - Get my money - Enforcing Judgment

posted 1st May 2017

In our last note about chasing money owed by a customer, we looked at where and how judgment for a debt could be obtained. However, the reality is that getting judgment is just the first step – you then need to get paid...