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How do I deal with an under-performing employee?

posted 16th October 2017

Terminating employees is not without risks. “T’s” need to be crossed and “I’s” dotted to avoid winding up in the Fair Work Commission facing an Unfair Dismissal or General Protections Application...

How to appoint a new Body Corporate Manager in the ACT

posted 13th October 2017

A body corporate manager is engaged by an owners corporation to manage the units plan and assist the Executive Committee...

Want to win Commonwealth work? You need a Workplace Relations Management Plan

posted 4th October 2017

Builders may not know it, but submitting tenders for federally-funded work recently got harder...

Just been made bankrupt? Here's what to do ...

posted 3rd October 2017

If a bankruptcy order has been made against you by the Federal Circuit Court and a trustee appointed to your bankrupt estate, it’s not necessarily the case that all is lost and you have to remain bankrupt.

Buying a property - are you insured?

posted 22nd September 2017

When buying land with a building or other improvements on the land, a purchaser will often seek advice from their solicitor in relation to their rights and obligations under the contract. However, purchasers may not be aware when risk passes in relation to the property – it could be much sooner than they think!

Developers Beware - Stamp duty is a necessary evil

posted 4th September 2017

Stamp duty is a duty which is payable in the ACT on the transfer of ‘dutiable property.’ Examples of dutiable property include but are not limited to: transfers of land, shares, and units in unit trusts...

Just been given a concerns notice? Here's what to do ...

posted 1st September 2017

Have you said or written something that may have defamed another person, and now you’ve received a letter from that person complaining about what you said or wrote?

10 changes to Residential Tenancy Agreements in the ACT you need to know

posted 24th August 2017

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 is changing on 24 August 2017. If you are commencing or renewing a residential tenancy agreement in the ACT on or after this date these changes will affect you...

Claims against engineers not barred by 10 year limitation period for 'building actions'

posted 7th August 2017

The ACT Supreme Court has now determined that limitation periods under the Building Act 2004 (ACT) do not apply to claims about design work undertaken prior to the issue of a building approval. The effect of the decision in Helkeast Pty Ltd & Anor v Ruckschloss[1] is that engineers’ (and other consultants such as architects’) liability for negligent work is potentially much longer than the builder’s liability...

Liquidators Versus Landlords: Who Wins?

posted 31st July 2017

When a tenant goes bust, there’s a big impact on the landlord. The insolvency practitioner appointed to the tenant has rights and powers under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) while the landlord has rights and powers under the lease with the tenant...