To our valued clients and friends,

As a result of the recent Government recommendations our workforce has become home-based. The way you contact us remains the same, but we just won’t be able to meet with you in the office.

We have solutions in place for those times where face to face contact is required, or if you are required to deliver documents to our premises. If this applies to your matter we will discuss the best solution with you.

We certainly don’t anticipate any issues but if, for any reason, you are experiencing a breakdown in the communication channels, or you just want to discuss how the recent changes in regulation might affect you, you can always reach out to any one of the Partners, by calling Meyer Vandenberg’s reception on 02 6279 4444 and our friendly team will ensure your call is directed to the appropriate area.

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Category: Government | E-Briefs

Government | E-Briefs

Commonwealth Government Enterprises

In January 2018, the Department of Finance released updated Government Business Enterprise Guidelines...

Government | E-Briefs

Our top ten tips for tendering

Although agency template documents and standard request for tender processes are usually OK for smaller...

Government | E-Briefs

Protect your Staff Members Info in FOI Processes

A regular concern for agencies (especially customer service agencies when dealing with aggrieved customer FOI applicants) is whether...

Government | E-Briefs

First ANAO Audit

At an audit cost of $736,000, the ANAO recently published its first performance audit report on a shared services arrangement...

Government | E-Briefs

Are contingent liabilities causing you red tape?

With the January 2015 release of Resource Management Guide (‘RMG’) 414[1] on indemnities, guarantees and warranties...

Government | E-Briefs

Bargaining for APS enterprise agreements

On 28 March 2014, the government released its new Workplace Bargaining Policy, setting out the framework for negotiations with APS employees over new enterprise agreements.

Government | E-Briefs

The public interest disclosure scheme — what is it and how does it work?

On 15 January 2014 the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 quietly commenced, heralding a new era in Commonwealth public sector whistleblowing...

Government | E-Briefs

APS bargaining

In August 2013 the APSC confirmed that it would move to re-centralise the negotiation of core APS wide working conditions under one agreement, as part of the upcoming round of...

Government | E-Briefs

Spill and fill

The Australian Public Service (APS) is suffering under the federal government’s “efficiency dividend” policy, which has enforced funding cuts and, ultimately, will force a large-scale reduction in staff numbers...

Government | E-Briefs

Changes to fair work act 2013

One of the last acts of the Federal Parliament last week was to pass a number of significant changes to the Fair Work Act. We summarise these new provisions...