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Challenging an insurer’s decision to deny your public liability claim

A public liability insurance policy covers a business against a range of risks with the main risks being property damage or personal injury to another person through negligence or faulty workmanship.

Business | E-Briefs

Insolvency Law Reform to Deal with Phoenix Companies

Illegal phoenixing involves creating a new company then transferring company assets from an existing company to the new company for the purposes of making those assets unavailable to creditors of the existing company...

Business | E-Briefs

Exposed directors – Don’t pay for company debts

Recent changes to Commonwealth legislation have extended the enforcement measures, and decreased the reporting timeframes, for a company’s superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) obligations ...

Business | E-Briefs

Insolvency Law Reform – Company Directors

Recent changes to Commonwealth legislation have significantly reformed the law relating to corporate insolvency practices, and have created new provisions designed to give greater flexibility to companies in financial distress.

Business | E-Briefs

So, do you remember that guarantee you gave?

It will be a very rare occurrence that the question ‘do you remember that guarantee you gave?’ will be followed by good news.

Business | E-Briefs

Five Big Changes To Employment

So, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs that might have accumulated over the holiday break, and make sure you and your company are still employment compliant.

Business | E-Briefs

Sexual Harassment Policy Info

Christmas is a joyous time of year but, unfortunately, it’s also a time of year that poses a lot of risk to employers.

Private Clients | E-Briefs

Professional Negligence Claims

When you engage a lawyer to provide legal services, no doubt you have certain expectations about how those services will be delivered.

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Family Domestic Violence Leave

As of today, modern awards will be amended to include 5 days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave per year...

Business | E-Briefs

Trademarks: Protecting your business name — How specific should you be?

Your business name can be one of the most valuable parts of your enterprise, with your goodwill and reputation tied to your name...

Business | E-Briefs

What changed for employers on 1 July 2018?

A quick summary of the employment-law changes that commenced on 1 July 2018...

Business | E-Briefs

Five tips for selling your business

If you are selling or buying a business, this is a very convenient time to change the ownership as it can take effect with the change of financial year...