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Time To Deck The Halls In Holly (and update the Sexual Harassment Policy)

Christmas is a joyous time of year but, unfortunately, it’s also a time of year that poses a lot of risk to employers.

Private Clients

“My lawyer stuffed up” — Professional negligence claims against

When you engage a lawyer to provide legal services, no doubt you have certain expectations about how those services will be delivered.


Family and domestic violence leave applies from 1 August 2018

As of today, modern awards will be amended to include 5 days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave per year...


Trademarks: Protecting your business name — How specific should you be?

Your business name can be one of the most valuable parts of your enterprise, with your goodwill and reputation tied to your name...


What changed for employers on 1 July 2018?

A quick summary of the employment-law changes that commenced on 1 July 2018...


Five tips for selling your business before the end of financial year

If you are selling or buying a business, this is a very convenient time to change the ownership as it can take effect with the change of financial year...


Data security: 6 quick security tips

What steps can you take to protect your business’ data? The new mandatory data breach notification regime has now come into operation...


Just how useful is it to employ your staff on fixed term contracts?

You may think that you can avoid having to deal with unfair dismissal claims by putting employees on fixed term contracts...


When does a comment online cross the line? Part 2

How can you defend yourself if you’ve been accused of defaming someone online...


Sex, drugs and rock’n roll — your liability as an employer

More than half of Australian employees will have at least one office romance during their working life...


When does a comment online cross the line?

From scathing reviews of hairdressers to online trolling and keyboard warriors...


Abandoned goods — what do you mean I can’t just sell them?

It’s a common problem — you run a shop that repairs phones and have a pile of older phones which have never been collected...