Covid-19 and its Employment and Workplace Issues

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As everyone is no doubt aware the Covid-19 outbreak has caused considerable disruption to the community and we all have had to implement measures to address it, such as social distancing and self-isolation. .

Accordingly, Meyer Vandenberg will not be conducting any HR Managers’ Forums for at least the first half of this year. We find this very disappointing, particularly given that Covid-19 is raising many issues for our clients’ workplaces and it ironically would have been the topic of our next HR Managers’ Forum.

Despite this, we are still continuing to provide employment law assistance and advice to our clients in relation to their Covid-19 issues and we are happy to take your phone calls to discuss and provide advice in relation to such issues as:

  • What is a stand down of employment?
  • When can an employer stand down an employee?
  • What are an employer’s pay obligations in relation to self-isolation?
  • How can an employer implement a reduction in hours?
  • What are the WH&S implications with employees working from home?

If necessary, we will continue to provide this advice from our homes.


William Ward | Practice Leader | Employment & Workplace Relations

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