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Meyer Vandenberg is a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target.

Set at 35 hours’ pro bono legal work per lawyer per year, we are actively working towards this goal.

As a firm, we provide legal assistance to individuals, partnerships, not-for-profit organisations, and charities who are active in Canberra, and can not afford access to legal services.

Our staff volunteer at local community legal centres, including the ACT Law Society Legal Advice Bureau and the ACT Law Society Pro Bono Clearing House.

To apply for pro bono help email us now.


MV – making a difference to the world’s women & girls

UN Women National Committee Australia’s primary role is to raise funds to support some of the most vulnerable women and girls across our borders, to end violence, advance leadership and provide opportunities to empower and support women in times of crisis.

To know that Meyer Vandenberg is on our side, helping us save scarce resources by offering pro bono legal advice, and over the years kindly providing both catering and event and meeting space too, means more of our funds can go to work for the world’s women and girls.

Meyer Vandenberg has provided us with a wealth of advice, insight and expertise across a whole host of legal issues.

To be able to walk through sometimes complex legal matters with a skilled and caring team of lawyers has made a world of difference to us.

Thanks, Meyer Vandenberg, for all your support!

Janelle Weissman,
Executive Director

un women



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