To our valued clients and friends,

As a result of the recent Government recommendations our workforce has become home-based. The way you contact us remains the same, but we just won’t be able to meet with you in the office.

We have solutions in place for those times where face to face contact is required, or if you are required to deliver documents to our premises. If this applies to your matter we will discuss the best solution with you.

We certainly don’t anticipate any issues but if, for any reason, you are experiencing a breakdown in the communication channels, or you just want to discuss how the recent changes in regulation might affect you, you can always reach out to any one of the Partners, by calling Meyer Vandenberg’s reception on 02 6279 4444 and our friendly team will ensure your call is directed to the appropriate area.

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The litigation and dispute resolution team at Meyer Vandenberg is one of the largest in Canberra private legal practice, and our senior practitioners are regularly recognised as leading litigation lawyers by their clients and peers.

Among other things, we were the first firm in Australia to get court approval to notify defendants via Facebook of our client’s claim against them.

Partner Alisa Taylor specialises in construction and property-related litigation and accompanying advice, as well as overseeing Meyer Vandenberg’s employment, industrial relations and safety team.

Partner Bernice Ellis specialises in commercial litigation and accompanying advice. Special Counsel Greg Brackenreg works with Bernice in the commercial litigation team and is an accredited mediator.

Alisa and Bernice work closely together, as well as collaborate with Meyer Vandenberg’s other practice-area Partners to implement the best strategies to protect a client’s interests and resolve the client’s dispute as quickly and commercially as possible.

What we do


  • Resolving for developers, builders, owners, subcontractors, owners’ corporations, project managers, and architects commercial and residential building disputes by litigation, court-ordered or voluntary mediation, expert determination or voluntary settlement conference
  • Making and responding to “security of payment” claims for builders and subcontractors, and enforcing or appealing adjudication decisions
  • Resolving for lessors, lessees, and guarantors leasing disputes by litigation, court-ordered or voluntary mediation, court-ordered conciliation conference or voluntary settlement conference, including assisting lessors to take possession of premises occupied by defaulting lessees, and assisting lessees to resist unlawful forfeiture or termination of their lease by lessors
  • Resolving for developers planning disputes by litigation, court-ordered or voluntary mediation, court-ordered conciliation conference or voluntary settlement conference


  • Initiating, defending, and resolving all aspects of debt recovery, including letters of demand, creditor statutory demands under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), and enforcement of court judgments
  • Acting for or against insolvency practitioners voluntarily or involuntarily appointed to a company or the estate or an individual, including initiating, defending and resolving claims concerning directors of insolvent companies, and concerning debtors and creditors of an insolvent company, or debtors and creditors of the estate of a bankrupt individual
  • Resolving commercial contract disputes by litigation, court-ordered or voluntary mediation or voluntary settlement conference
  • Issuing and responding to subpoenas and other compulsory notices to produce information or documents, either during or outside of litigation
  • Initiating, defending, and resolving court applications for winding up orders (against a company) and sequestration orders (against an individual)
  • Initiating, defending, and resolving all aspects of Federal tax disputes, from notices of objection to Federal Court or Administrative Appeals Tribunal proceedings
  • Initiating, defending, and resolving all aspects of Territory tax disputes, from applications for internal review (including payroll tax degrouping applications) to ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal or Supreme Court proceedings

Our awards and accolades

  • 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 Best Lawyers Australia named Greg Brackenreg as an expert in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • 2020 Best Lawyers Australia – Construction/Infrastructure Law – Alisa Taylor
  • 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 Doyle’s Guide named Meyer Vandenberg a Leading Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Law Firm in Canberra
  • 2019, 2018 Doyle’s Guide named Alisa Taylor a Leading Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Lawyer in Canberra
  • 2019 Doyle’s Guide named Greg Brackenreg a Leading Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Lawyer in Canberra
  • 2019 Doyle’s Guide Australia named Courtney Noble a Rising Star in Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Insolvency
  • 2017 Master Builders Association ACT — Professional of the Year — Alisa Taylor
  • 2016 Society of Construction Law Australia — Brooking Prize — Alisa Taylor
  • 2015 Society of Construction Law Australia Award — Construction Law — Alisa Taylor

The MV difference

  • Take the time to properly understand the facts, evidence and surrounding circumstances of your situation.
  • Consider your legal position based on the current state of relevant law, and determine the best strategy to protect your interests.
  • Deliver advice in plain English about your legal position, options for the next steps and our recommendations tailored to your situation and based on our expertise.
  • Negotiate at any time with the other parties to resolve as quickly as possible the issues between them, whether the negotiation be formally by mediation or informally by communications between the parties (and their lawyers).
  • Are experts in and passionate about our areas of law, including the courts and tribunals where the law is tested.
  • Are committed to protecting your interests having regard to both legal and non-legal interests.
  • Are focused on practical and plain-English advice, with commercial recommendations to resolve issues.
  • Are committed to collaborating with other parties, including third-party experts and advisers, to determine and implement the best strategy to protect your interests, ensure all rights are recognised and resolve any dispute.
  • Give frank and fearless advice to you about the strength of your legal position, and the likely outcome of any dispute.
  • Give full and frank disclosure of all legal costs to ensure a properly informed decision about the next steps is made, and there are no unhappy legal costs surprises along the way.