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Winding Up/Exit

When it is time to exit your business there are many important legal decisions to be made

Whether you are winding up, creating a succession plan, or selling, our team can assist you.

Sale of a Business

Legal advice for a successful transaction

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Business Structuring

Implementing the right structure is crucial for success

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Winding Up

Creditors, insolvency practitioners, insolvent companies and their directors

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Employment Law

Tools for contracts, performance, disputes and more

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State & Territory Taxes

Help with state and territory taxes like payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty

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Federal Taxes

Considering your structure, ATO audits, debt recovery and litigation

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Litigation, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and expert determination

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Compulsory Acquisition

Claiming compensation when your property has been taken

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Debt recovery

Recover your debts, get paid

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Power of Attorney

Appointing someone to act on behalf of your company

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Finding a workable agreement and swift resolution

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Professional Negligence

Enforce your rights against a professional that has done you wrong

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