From Tuesday 9th June, we will resume working from the office and it will be business as usual.

We will be able to hold meetings in the office with you, however if you prefer, we are also available via phone, email or video conferencing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our friendly reception staff, by calling Meyer Vandenberg’s reception on 02 6279 4444 and our team will ensure your call is directed to the appropriate area.

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We establish solid foundations to enable our clients to grow and prosper

We ensure you have got the right structure, your assets are protected,  and the relationship between business owners is clear.

Intellectual Property

Owning and protecting your brand

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Capital Raising

Arranging funding and commercialising IP

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Business Structuring

Setting your pathway to growth

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Sale & Purchase of a Business

Legal advice for a successful transaction

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Commercial, retail or industrial agreements

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Owning, buying, selling and setting up a franchise

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Privacy & Compliance

Drafting policies, preparing notices in the event of a breach and compliance advice

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Employment Law Start-Ups

Setting up your workforce, contracts, and policies

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State & Territory Taxes

Understand your local taxes like payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty

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Federal Taxes

Considering your structure, ATO audits, debt recovery and litigation

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Litigation, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and expert determination

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Debt Recovery

Recover your debts, get paid

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Power of Attorney

Appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf

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Professional Negligence

Enforce your rights against a professional that has done you wrong

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Finding a workable agreement and swift resolution

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