As a part of starting up or expanding your business you may want to lease an office, shop or warehouse.

The Leasing Team at Meyer Vandenberg can assist you in understanding any commercial, retail or industrial leasing agreement. We will advise you on your rights and obligations in the lease and ensure you have the best opportunity to negotiate the lease so that it is not unfairly one sided. A commercially attractive lease can help increase the value of your business.

What we do

  • Take time to understand your business needs
  • Review heads of agreements or lease proposals and provide advice
  • Review leases, Disclosure Statements, agreement for leases and incentive deeds and provide advice
  • Answer questions and concerns which you may have about the documents or the process
  • Act on your behalf in relation to negotiating amendments to the documents
  • We can assist with a lease in the ACT, NSW and other states and territories

The MV difference

  • Our experienced team understands the planning framework and leasing laws of the ACT.
  • We appreciate the time pressures of setting up new business premises and will do everything we can to have you moving into your new premises quickly.
  • We can provide upfront competitive fixed fee prices.


This is an important question for a tenant to consider before agreeing to lease premises. Even if the premises have been used before for the same purpose you may not be legally allowed to operate your business there. It is important to ensure that the intended use of the premises is permitted by the Crown Lease or Units Plan. We will review the Crown Lease or Units Plan and advise you of any potential issues.

In addition to rent, you may also be required to pay outgoings to the landlord such as rates or body corporate levies. Outgoings are different to operating expenses which are usually paid by the tenant and typically consist of electricity, gas, oil, water, telephone, internet and other services used in the premises. You may also incur costs in repairing and maintaining the premises during the lease, and redecorating and making good the premises at the end of the lease. We will advise you of your obligations during the term of the lease which could result in additional costs.

It is likely that a lease proposal or heads of agreement will be signed by the parties before a formal lease agreement is prepared. These proposals set out the commercial terms of the agreement and are not usually legally binding. However, in some circumstances these proposals or even email correspondence between the parties can create a legally binding agreement. To avoid getting caught by a legally binding agreement which you are not comfortable with, we recommend that we review any lease proposal or heads of agreement before you sign it or take possession of the premises.