Are you feeling overwhelmed by the changes to your business brought about by COVID-19?

We get it. And we are here to help.

For a limited time Meyer Vandenberg is offering two reduced fixed-fee legal packages to get our business clients through this make-or-break phase in their organisation’s life.

Employment & HR ‘one off’ advice

Do you need to know a fast answer to difficult questions you’ve never faced before?  Questions like:

  • What unseen risks do I face by directing my employees to work at home, and how can I mitigate them?
  • Do stand down rights apply to my particular business?
  • What does a stand-down actually mean in terms of employee entitlements?
  • Can I reduce my employee’s hours?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions – it depends on your particular situation.  Our team of employment law experts can give you the advice you need, tailored to your circumstances.

Provided the answer can be talked through in a phonecall and you don’t require written advice, the cost will be only $495 (including GST).

Employment / HR & Finance fixed price ‘all you can eat’ advice line

If the questions just keep popping up faster than you can write them down, you probably need more than just one phonecall with an expert to sort them out.  By choosing our advice line package, you can access all the telephone advice you need, plus some basic template documents to assist you with implementing your decisions.

Included are:

  • 4 weeks of unlimited telephone advice with our employment, dispute resolution, leasing or insolvency law experts, covering:
    • Employment rights and obligations
    • Directors duties, obligations and risks
    • Debt recovery options
    • Options for ending your lease or negotiating with your landlord
  • Pro-forma documentation for employee dismissals and stand-downs

Again, provided all answers can be talked through in a phonecall and you don’t require written advice, the cost will be only $4,950 (including GST).

In either case, if after obtaining our phone advice you decide you would prefer to also have the advice recorded in a letter or email, we can provide you with a quote for doing so.