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"Horrific Stuff" - Social Media Use and Unfair Dismissal

posted 20th February 2017

Inappropriate social media use by employees can damage productivity, harm workplace cohesion and culture, adversely impact the company’s external reputation, and lead to the publishing of a company’s confidential information. Given the litany of negative effects that unsuitable “Facebooking” can have on a business, it is little wonder that employers may seek to terminate employees who act offensively online regardless of whether the posting happened at home or at work...

Is mortgagee consent to lease just a rubber stamp?

posted 13th February 2017

Landlords will often lease property to a tenant which is subject to a mortgage. Accordingly, as part of the leasing process, landlords are often requesting the consent of the bank to register the lease. However, sometimes obtaining the bank’s consent may not be as straight forward as it seems...

Who is responsible for rats in the roof?

posted 6th February 2017

My customer owes me a debt - get me my money (Part 1)

posted 1st February 2017

It’s an unfortunate fact that in business life, at some stage a customer will owe you money for the goods or services you supplied them. When talking to clients about their instructions to chase a debt, we often find they’re surprised at the number of steps involved and the length of time it could take to see any money ...

ABCC Mark II: So what's new?

posted 23rd January 2017

On 1 December 20016, the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) (Mark II) was restored as the industrial regulator for the construction industry, achieving in large part a key election promise (and double-dissolution trigger) of the Turnbull Coalition government ...

Renewing a 99 year lease in the ACT: Things unit holders will need to know

posted 16th January 2017

Property ‘ownership’ in the ACT is by grant of a Lease by the Territory Government. The first allotments of 99 year leases, issued by the Territory Government, are due for renewal within the next decade ...

Yes, you CAN defend a director penalty notice

posted 9th January 2017

In November 2016 the Queensland Court of Appeal handed down a decision which gives directors some guidance about what is required to make out a defence to a director penalty notice (DPN) issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) ...

Retail tenants - can your landlord force you to be open for trade?

posted 16th December 2016

A landlord of a retail centre is often concerned with having all tenants of the centre open and trading during specified hours. The landlord’s view is if all retailers are trading during the specified hours it encourages customers to frequent the centre ...

Our top ten tips for tendering

posted 16th December 2016

Although agency template documents and standard request for tender processes are usually OK for smaller, single supplier tenders, a more tailored approach (e.g. some modifications to your agency’s usual tender templates) are worth considering ...

Compulsory acquisition of rural land: 5 things you need to know when you're forced to put a price on the land you love

posted 13th December 2016

Meyer Vandenberg is currently working with the members of a long-standing pastoral family in South Australia to calculate the compensation payable to them after the Commonwealth Department of Defence compulsorily acquired their land for expanded training facilities. Our client’s land was around 1,000 square kilometres, with a merino fine-wool sheep business run on it for 5 generations ...